The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) posts a survey

The PCCC sent out a survey regarding the elections and the apparent failure of the Democratic party.  I thought I would post the questions here along with my comments.  The title of the survey was “It’s a tough night. What are you thinking?” Three questions were asked.

In general, what are you thinking tonight?

Well, we tried hard to re-motivate the base. However, the Democrats didn’t make it easy. By prioritizing compromise over principles, many 2008 campaign promises didn’t even make it to the table. Sure, there were good things that were accomplished, but some big items, such as EFCA and the public option in healthcare reform, were summarily dropped. Additionally, many progressives were still sore from being slapped in the face by this administration when the administration suddenly realized that they still needed the base (that got Obama elected in 2008) to get out the vote again in 2010. I think that many of the voters were not really supporting right wingers, but were punishing the Democrats in this election.

What do you think the progressive movement should do next? As in, immediately…

The state of affairs is certainly not going to get better over the next couple years. Sure, Democrats kept the Senate, but the Senate was already dysfunctional and will most likely stay that way.  The House is now also going to be gridlocked.  Nothing will get done in the next two years. The next election will come down to either blaming Obama or the Republicans for the impending failure. We need to get sincere progressive candidates lined up for the next election and a plan to show how the imminent failure over the next two years will be caused by the Republicans and not Obama.

Do you think Pres. Obama and congressional Dems should fight harder for progressive policies or seek middle ground with Republicans? (Please elaborate.)

For one, Republicans are not interested in “middle ground”.  Obama already tried ridiculously hard to compromise with the Republicans, against the behest of his base, and got nowhere. It is crucial that Democrats stick to progressive ideals. They must appear genuine in representing the working people in this country. They must stand up for Democratic principles and not just let the Republicans pass regressive policy after regressive policy like they did so often during the Bush years. The Democrats cannot give up on the American people. They need to show loyalty to their constituents and not to corporate interests.  If they do this and show respect for their base, they will certainly be much stronger in 2012.

2 thoughts on “The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) posts a survey

  1. David Graper

    Progressive Geek … where have you been? What’s going on with you? When’s the next podcast?

    Graper of Albany

  2. David Graper

    Progressive Geek … I’d really like to hear you again, even if you can only get it together for a five minute or less podcast. I’m sure a lot of other people would too.

    I can’t believe it could get worse than it was when I wrote my original note, but it has. You can no longer just say Obama has abandoned us .. he’s gone to the right of the Republicans.

    Remember the “The Simpsons” Halloween episode from way back when they were mocking the 1996 Clinton/Dole election — that both candidates were actually the aliens Kang and Kodos and their platforms were identical? It has now come to pass. I now can seriously see no difference between the current “reality” of an Obama term with the potential reality of a McCain/Palin term or even a third GW Bush term.

    There was no choice — you either got Kang or Kodos, and even they have trouble telling who is who.

    I think a lot of us would still like to hear what’s going on in your life, in your job, and the situation on your end of the country.

    – Graper of Albany

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