Obama’s support for weapon of mass destruction #1 – Free Trade

Who needs Corporate Neo-Cons to destroy the American working class when you have democratic candidates like Obama, Clinton, and Edwards?  David Sirota blogged on the recent announcement by Obama that Obama supports expanding NAFTA.  The only candidate that actually wants to abolish NAFTA and start all over with FAIR trade agreements is Dennis Kucinich.  I am telling you that in order to save the working families in this country, you need to support Kucinich.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s support for weapon of mass destruction #1 – Free Trade

  1. none

    Kookie-Niche? He (like others) puts his faith in the biggest megacorporation of them all, the Government. Silly socialist, giant central government != freedom. I’m always flabbergasted by people who moan about being “wage slaves” but then endourse policies that lead the government to function as a super monopoly with far more power over people than any corporation. Nonsequitor.

  2. Lise M.

    I’m not convinced that Kucinich is trustworthy on this one. Even if he gets elected, he’s going to follow the party line some times on some issues, and you can’t know in advance which ones they will be.

    I lost my trust in the Dems many years ago, and am now active in the Green Party, but I wish you, and Kucinich, luck in working from inside the Party.

  3. Progressive Geek Post author

    You may be right Lise M. Some of the latest stuff I’ve been hearing is that Dennis may be pro open border, which would not be good for the middle class and further indicates that maybe he won’t be so anti-outsourcing and anti H-1B as he originally led people to believe. I have been thinking about checking out the Green Party, especially since my Democratic governor doesn’t want to listen to me either. I think I’ll be looking up the Green Party here in Washington State real soon.

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