Episode 28 – A Funny Skit, Christmas, and Praying to the Visa God

Outsourced Santa

This episode opens with a skit with the help of Bill from The Florida Soapbox podcast.  Bill also has a new podcast titled The World News Review which will be coming out in January.

Next, I discuss the Christmas resolution that passed in congress and my full support for Jim McDermott who voted against it, in which I am in complete disagreement with Lou Dobbs and Ken Schram who I feel completely missed the point as to why to vote no on this Republican resolution.

Indians are now praying to the Visa God for, not entrance into heaven, but entrance into the United States in order to take an American Worker’s job.

 Amazon.com is moving its headquarters from Seattle to … Seattle.

3 thoughts on “Episode 28 – A Funny Skit, Christmas, and Praying to the Visa God

  1. Progressive Geek Post author

    Thanks for the feedback regarding the skit. It was one of those middle-of-the-night brainstorms and I was hoping people would like it. Can you believe it that they are still calling me?

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