Episode 31 – How Well Educated, Hard Working Americans are Treated in America

Here it is, the long awaited 31st episode.  This is a big episode packed full of audible goodness.  In this episode I share stories of American IT workers who are jobless, homeless, or are on the verge of being homeless.  Here are links to items discussed within this episode:

I also discuss 2 other stories. One about a Microsoft Product Manager who was laid off from Microsoft by a guest worker/manager on a L-1 Visa.  I call her Alice to protect her identity.  The second is a story about Diane Drozdowski, an IT worker who was tortured at American Express by an Indian manager until she had a nervous breakdown and then was forced to train her replacements from India.

I also play audio from a fan (a young one) who called in to my comment line.

I apologize for the audio not being as high of quality as I would like it to be, but I do have software on order which I hope will help with future episodes.

3 thoughts on “Episode 31 – How Well Educated, Hard Working Americans are Treated in America

  1. David Graper

    Thanks for the new podcast Progressive Geek!

    Please don’t take so long between podcasts — surely there’s an outrage every two weeks or so you can comment on. – DG, Albany NY

  2. David Graper

    Progressive Geek … surely you have some comment after yesterday’s news about the software engineer and the IRS in Austin!! – DG, Albany NY

  3. Lawrence Littlehale

    This touched a chord with me. I worked for one of these global outsourcing companies for 4 years. The first team I was on gave me exceeds expecations reviews, They retained me for 4 months when the client cancelled the contract so that I would be in place to start a new client in a new team. That team gave me exceeds expectations reviews. Then I was laid of due to downsizing and required to teach my team-mates my processes. I landed a position on another team and I knew from day 1 that it would not be anything like the other team. The mental abuse tactics were very similar to those reported in the blog post, including private and public humiliation. She fired me on a charge of missing 12 mistakes in my audit for one month(approximately 2000 invoice entry/payment vouchers) She claimed the level allowed was 6 but that was the first time I head ever heard of that KPI. She also gave me a “Barely Meets” review so that I could not have posted to any other position in the company. Also, I tried to join their Alumni program and was informed I am not eligible.
    I got a position last year but the treatment I received there was the same. They treated everyone else the same: Assigning too much work, not being clear about expectations or switching requirements and then blaming the staff for not mind-reading. I was laid off there because they realized they had mistreated me and feared I would take legal action. I have been out of work since February, 2010 and have cashed in my preferred stock. I am deciding whether to take my 401k down or give up on Accounting. Perhaps I can be a cook or a housekeeper? I have done these things in the past. Unlike those who have been pampered their whole life, and now face the prospect of doing “demeaning” work. I am comfortable doing whatever I need to do in order to keep some income.
    Also I am fortunate to have someone in my life who is standing by me and believes in me. IN the end, this turns out to be worth much more than gold.

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