Monthly Archives: November 2006

Episode 05 – Microsoft supports corrupt Republicans

In this episode I tell a humorous story from my Thanksgiving weekend.

I also discuss an article:
regarding Microsoft wanting to keep Republicans in control of congress.

I include a new segment: Cool Places in the Pacific Northwest. In this episode, the cool place is the Maltby Cafe:

I also play some music by the group H1Bees

You can purchase their CD at:

Their music is also available at iTunes.

Episode 04 – Police brutality becoming the norm?

This is my “angry” episode where I discuss injustices, such as police on horses trampling janitors in Houston who were protesting for a living wage. I also explain why this is important to all of us, not just janitors in Houston.

I also discuss the web site:
which has an extensive database of jobs for foreigners in the United States.

Episode 03 – Jobs for Americans … in China

In this episode, I discuss an email that I received regarding a job in China. I also discuss the Skill Bill that is waiting to be slid into an omnibus spending bill that will destroy what we have left in American technology jobs.

Stop the Skill Act web site:

Article that I read in this podcast:

Episode 02 – H-1B Visa 101

In this episode, I discuss the H-1B visa and how it is being abused. I also describe and give an example of “shortage shouting”. I also discuss an article that reflects what is really happening.

Shortage shouting article:

Maine Today article:

Zazona FAQ:

Episode 01 – Intro and IPod troubles and tips

This is the first episode of the Progressive Geek Podcast in which I introduce myself and describe the goals of the podcast. I also discuss the podcast wisdom that I have gained since buying my video IPod.