Monthly Archives: January 2007

Episode 11 – More from Angry / My Quest for a New Job

In this episode, I feature music by Kevin Cory, AKA Kevin Benedict. You can visit his website at:

His music is terrific, and some of his tunes are quite humorous.

I also have another message from The Last Angry Man. Very funny!

Also in this episode, I discuss my hunt for a new job and give you all the dirt on my job interviews this past week.

Episode 10 – Dumb as a box of rocks? / Of coffee and culture

Yes, I am back with episode 10 after recovering from the flu. Speaking of the flue, I discuss in this episode why I never get the flu shot.

Also in this episode, a message from The Last Angry Man. His podcast is at

I play a clip from the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, from his speach regarding immigration and the bill for illegal alien amnesty.

I also discuss an article regarding a H-1B fraud ring bust.

The Pacific North West Cool Spot is the espresso shack. They are all over western Washington and each has there “edge” to sell more coffee than the next shack. Listen to the episode to find out what coffee and the coffee shack has to do with … sex. 🙂

Plus music and more.