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Episode 22: It’s not easy being over 30

Men in 30s earn less than dads did

Sinister Reasons for Boosting H1b Visa Limits?

H-1B FEDERAL IMMIGRATION BILL: Reforms to the work visa program are a small part of the overall debate — except in Silicon Valley;
Everyone agrees it’s flawed, but how to fix it?

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Episode 21 – Not So Free Speech Radio News / Possessed by a spirit from the Netherworld

The Not-So-Free Speech Radio News
My body is possessed by a spirit from the Netherworld.

Post production note
I just listened to the FSRN story. It finally came out today (Friday).
I ran it by the Programmers Guild and they pointed out several technical errors in the story. The general reaction is that it has an “open border” slant to it.

What I thought was still good about the story is that it did at least have one engineer similar to me. He has 20 years experience and has only been able to find contract work. Which validated what I was experiencing. However, I think they tried to “balance it” by adding free trade points of view.

Democrats continue to stab Americans in the back.

David Sirota’s blog entry “We Gave Them Our Hearts, They Gave Him A Blank Check”

WashTech buys an ad in “Roll Call” fighting H-1B increases.

Thom Hartmann talks about “Free Trade”

Free Speech Radio News:

Episode 20 Addendum

The White House now says the secret trade deal between a handful of Democratic congressional leaders and Bush administration officials will most likely not mean adding labor and environmental standards into the core text of trade agreements, but instead will mean merely unenforceable NAFTA-esque “side agreements” or even weaker “letters” of understanding. A group of House Democrats is responding to the secret deal by demanding a hearing on a resolution that would prevent Democratic leaders from bringing fast track to the floor of the House if a majority of Democrats oppose it. And the pundit attack machine pushing the deal is out in full force. “Journalists” Cokie and Steve Roberts say “Democrats can’t afford to listen to the labor movement” and Clinton administration free trade architect Gene Sperling praises Democratic dealmakers for triangulating against their own party. – David Sirota

Numbers USA

Episode 20 – Democratic Leaders Betraying American Workers

Democratic leadership and the Bush administration have been secretly working on a “free-for-the-corporations” trade deal that is sure to hurt the American middle class.



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Episode 19 – Reporters, Rich Capitalists, and Technology Workers

A talk with Tom Abate.

David Sirota: Questioning the Planet’s Richest Man To His Face

10 Reinvigorating Facts About Microsoft’s Profits

IBM to layoff 150,000?

One Day You’re Gonna Wake Up