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Episode 24 – How To Hire Cheap Foreign Workers – A Lawyer’s Guide

Lawrence Lebowitz, director of marketing for the Pittsburgh law firm Cohen & Grigsby is shown in a YouTube video in a seminar to their corporate clients describng how to beat the H-1B system to hire cheap foreign labor instead of American Citizens. This video has created quite a backlash from American technology workers and from some congressmen. The Programmers Guild created their own video which includes clips from the seminar.

Articles on the subject:
How To Hire Cheap Foreign Workers – A Lawyer’s Guide – On YouTube Now
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Also in this episode: Why you must not support the comprehensive immigration bill.

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Episode 23: What the hell is TAA and why is the Ways and Means Committee talking about it?

What is TAA? TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) is a band-aid that is meant to compensate for the awful free trade policies that the United States has been pursuing.
This episode contains clips from the hearing held by the House Ways and Means Committee (also known as the Ways to be Mean Committee).

Listen to this episode for clips fom the hearing and exclusive commentary by the Progressive Geek.

Music by Terra Naomi

Correction: I said Carl Levin in this episode when it is actually Sandy Levin.