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Washington State Caucus, Primary? It matters which one (or both) you do!

There is confusion in Washington State over what is different between the Caucus and the Primary, and which you should care about.  It is also different according to which Party you subscribe.

The short of it is:
If you are a Republican, both the Primary and the Caucus are important.
If you are a Democrat, ONLY THE CAUCUS is important as far as choosing delegates for your candidate of choice.

Since this year Washington State has both a Caucus and a Primary, the Parties have a choice of whether to select their delegates during the Primary, during the Caucus, or in some combination of the two.

The Democratic Party is choosing all of their delegates during the Caucus.  This means that voting for a Democratic candidate on the Primary ballot accomplishes absolutely nothing.  So, the message to Democrats is loud and clear: GO TO THE CAUCUS.  However, do not completely ignore the Primary, because there are some local issues on the ballot where your vote does count.

The Republican Party is splitting there delegates between the Primary and the Caucus.  51% of their delegates will be chosen via the Primary, while 49% will be chosen at the Caucus.  The message to Republicans is to DO BOTH.  Going to the Caucus counts and voting for a Republican candidate on the Primary ballot counts.

The message that I would like to share with everyone is to Please Participate.  It is more important now than ever to get involved in the political process.  Share your concerns with others and get intelligent dialogues going.  It is truly the heart of our democracy.

Fox News Porn

Fox News Porn

Everyone with half a brain knows that Fox News is a joke.  I can’t stand to watch Fox News, and I just cringe when I am waiting at the doctor’s office, or some other public place, and they have a TV tuned to cable Fox News.  However, I stumbled upon this site: Fox News Porn, where they had gathered all the risqué clips that were broadcast over Fox News and condensed them into YouTube sized videos.  Although it is material that was broadcast on national TV, the site and their videos have been banned by Digg, and their clips on YouTube were forced to be 18+ age verified.  Be sure to check out the videos posted on the site.  I couldn’t stop laughing. 

As Chrish put it at News Hounds: “FOX News uses sex segments to divert outrage from the real obscenity, the war”.

No one talks about the real root problem of our economy

Great article! It is written by a conservative, but it makes some very important points. Sure it’s nice that the candidates talk about health care and other social issues. But it will be impossible to fix those issues because this globalist “Free [for the corporations] Trade” agenda pulls the rug out from under our economy. A big part of the problem is the VISA program that brings in cheap foreign labor. Another big part are the “Free Trade Agreements” that give away big chunks of our economy to foreign and international corporations.

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