Monthly Archives: September 2009

Episode 31 – How Well Educated, Hard Working Americans are Treated in America

Here it is, the long awaited 31st episode.  This is a big episode packed full of audible goodness.  In this episode I share stories of American IT workers who are jobless, homeless, or are on the verge of being homeless.  Here are links to items discussed within this episode:

I also discuss 2 other stories. One about a Microsoft Product Manager who was laid off from Microsoft by a guest worker/manager on a L-1 Visa.  I call her Alice to protect her identity.  The second is a story about Diane Drozdowski, an IT worker who was tortured at American Express by an Indian manager until she had a nervous breakdown and then was forced to train her replacements from India.

I also play audio from a fan (a young one) who called in to my comment line.

I apologize for the audio not being as high of quality as I would like it to be, but I do have software on order which I hope will help with future episodes.