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Kucinich – a double winner, in the DFA poll and in congress

The online DFA poll results are in and Kucinich is on top with nearly 32% of the vote.  Al Gore, who said that he is not going to run for President, came in second with nearly 25% of the vote.  John Edwards is in 3rd place, solidly over 15%.  Hillary is where she belongs, down in 5th place with only a little over 4% of the vote.  Clearly this means the people (at least those with access to a computer and cared to vote at the DFA website) want a progressive candidate.  They want us out of Iraq.  They want us out of the unfair trade policies that our government has negotiated despite the will of the people over the last 25 years.

Kucinich’s second win?  His resolution to impeach Dick Cheney has been approved in congress to go to the judicial committee.  It is yet to be seen how far this goes, but it is tremendously good news for the people of this country who want to hold this administration accountable for all its fraudulent, unconstitutional actions from warrantless wiretapping and water-boarding to the lies that got us into the occupation of Iraq.  If this resolution accomplishes nothing else, it would be worth its weight in gold if it will keep us out of yet another fraudulent war with another country, Iran.

Be sure to check out Dennis Kucinich’s latest book, “The Courage to Survive” and be sure to tell all of your friends to support Dennis Kucinich.